We provide property sourcing & robust research reports for investors & private clients; and business case & asset management audits for portfolio landlords (residential & commercial). 
By far our most popular property consultancy service is our open and transparent three stage property sourcing service level agreement.  
Why? Because we are helping our client's reach their targets, acheive their goals and fulfill their dreams. 
We do not 'deal package! 
we source; we research, analyse & report; we broker 
we negotiate on your behalf 
"There are lots of people working as 'sourcers', but they're really 'package dealers'. Here at Lotus Property Consultancy Ltd we are academic researchers, registered estate agents and property investors, delivering a bespoke client-lead service to order" 
we are TPO registered & insured 
we save you time and money ££££££ 
we are experts in our field 
we have a robust, fully transaparent and seamless 3 stage property sourcing & due diligence process 

STAGE 1 - we source 

Your time is valuable:for an upfront administration fee of just £850 we apply our time, knowledge, methodology and expertise to source property on your behalf. Whether you're looking for a new home in central London, relocating to a villa on Saddyiat Island, moving a 'gentlemen's' club to the country, expanding your investment portfolio, or establishing a pre-school nursery in Camden Lock... we have experience working to client brief. Be specific: what's your budget, your deadline? what kind of ROI are you expecting? which locations float your boat? what's your intention? your 'exit strategy? your long term goals, your short term targets?  
The more specific your brief , the more successfull we will be representing you. 

STAGE 2 - we research  

For a small fraction of your capital outlay our robust thoroughly researched due diligence reports contain valuable information including but not limited too: scope of market, regeneration plans, existing and future infrastructures, economic growth and 'ripple effects', income & investment yields, financials, and projected market information.  
We'll put together an analytical framework, risk register and recommendations for action.  
We can also compare several properties in one report, so you can make the most timely and appropriate informed decisions.  
All this for an in-house research fee of just £2,500 

STAGE 3 - we broker 

This is where we save you money  
Remember: the more detailed your brief, the best sourcing oucome we acheive on your behalf. 
We have nationwide and internatinal 'off-market' contacts; and our point of departure for negotiating the best discounted purchase price for you, is predicated on our robust, bespoke, up to date research data. For buying negotiations we charge 2% of purchase price - it is always our intention that we save you more money than we cost you. The sooner you contact us - the sooner we can get to work. Use the form below to give us an outline of your breif and order our unique 3 stage property sourcing service agreement NOW. 
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